New is always welcome but it also eats a lot of your time. Making sure that everything runs smoothly becomes your top priority while the assembly of your furniture becomes the least of your concerns. Time is of the essence. Thus, let National Assembly Services do all your furniture assembly needs for you, and you may not have to think about the furniture ever again.

The technicians at National Assembly Services were made sure that they will be able to deliver what the agency has promised. Trained to perfection, they have been briefed with regards to the time allotted for the assembly to place. Two days after the delivery - this has always been their goal when finishing up their on-site assembly, but of course, they also make sure that it is of your most convenient schedule. This makes their services the most efficient in the business. It does not matter how much work they have to do. They will definitely be able to do it. Their insurance has been already provided by the company and their entire profile has been checked before getting hired. Their problem is your overall satisfaction; that is why a 30 day guarantee is in order. Within this span of time, you are entitled to the services that they promised which includes calling them up whenever the need arises.

Setting up appointments is never a hassle when you choose National Assembly Services. It is because they are the best in that aspect. A two day on-site assembly service is what they guarantee, and all means necessary are being done while making sure that the quality is not compromised. They do not want to hassle their clients; thus, they only do furniture assembly at your most convenient time. They are not only about offices. They are flexible enough to cater to any kind of assembly service that their client requires of them.

They have come across different clients over the past couple of years and that working with the best manufacturers has made them very keen when maximizing the sales. Displays are assembled to make the best impression among the clients. It will be the determining factor as to which the customer will choose to enter their vicinity. Just say the word and they will jump right on to it. To repair, maintain, just about anything you need - just say the word and it shall be done.

NAS is under the guidance of SPAR Group Inc. and with their help they have done wonders. This parent company has been trusted across the globe for their in-store merchandising services. They have serviced the best in Japan, Unites States, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and Romania - just to name a few.

They have been the best in in-store merchandising services for over 40 years now and it has been to NAS’ benefit. They are able to update their services in a global aspect and they do not look to stop - a 98% completion rating has proven that.

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