Over 25 years in National Service Industry says a lot about National Assembly Services. They have survived this long in the home assembly industry which was made tougher with the establishment of other agencies. However, they are the best when it comes to the assembly services. They have also been in the service to the people for over 19 years in that regard. In addition, their technicians are fully insured. This makes their customers feel more comfortable with them working on their furniture. They are assured freedom from any kind of liability whatsoever.

Making a striking first impression is what they learned after years of working with the top furniture manufacturing companies. For this reason that National Assembly Services has displayed its assets and those which they think would sell more and just taking a look of things catches the attention of by passers. In addition, they are able to provide efficient on site assembly for individuals who need it the most. Their technicians are able to finish the assembly two days after the furniture is delivered. It is quality service every time.

In order to make sure of the client’s overall satisfaction, they are allowing a 30 day window for any kind of follow up service. They only need to call them in their office so that they can be informed. They will quickly dispatch the technicians needed for every service. This is part of the continuity of the assembly services that National Assembly Services provide. This is in case the furniture that they set up needs any kind of tweaking.

In addition, you do not have to worry with regards to their technicians’ injuries inflicted during the tour of duty. National Assembly Services has it insured because they are fully aware that accidents may happen during the provision of on site assembly. This is part of the comfort that National Assembly Services wants to provide their clients. Once their technician starts walking after being assigned, the insurance starts to work as well. This frees the customer from any kind of liability. However, this does not mean that you will disregard the safety of the working place. It should still be in your best interest to provide humane working conditions during the provision of any assembly service.

However, the services that they render are not the only aspect which makes them the best. It is also in the way they schedule home assembly services as well. It is always based on the convenience of the customer. With the help of modern technology, you will be looking at the most efficient scheduling services known. The provision will always be according to the directive of the client.

National Assembly Services is not limited only to office furniture. They are also able to set-up needed furniture in the dining area, the kitchen, in the bedroom and the living room as well. In addition, they are also able to assemble gym and fitness center equipments with ease. This kind of service is one of a kind.

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